Its that time of year again where everyone is searching high and low for the perfect Christmas and Holiday gifts for loved ones. Here’s my 5 Favorite things for your favorite home chef! I seriously don’t know how I would live without these. And the best part? Each item is under $50!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

We use the immersion or ‘stick’ blender at least 2x a week in our house. Between soups and smoothies this thing is tough and gets the job done without having to lug out a massive blender. This is a great gift for family or friends that enjoy to cook and may not have a lot of storage in their kitchen. This little baby fits nicely into any drawer or cabinet!

Presto Electric Skillet

This was a gift last year for Corey and we have used it almost every fall/winter weekend! The 16 inches of cooking surface is perfect for a dinner for two or even four. We often use it in place of a pot to cook roasts, or large pieces of meat with veggies and broth. This is great for meals where you want to sear the outside of the meat and steam cook the inside. You can find this at any Walmart, Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Rabbit Wine Savers

This stocking stuffer is used all the time in our house! Since we’re wine enthusiasts we often will open more than one bottle at once having only a glass of various wines. That leaves us with half a bottle or more for a later date. The Rabbit wine saver will not preserve the wine for more than a week, but let’s face it, does an open bottle really last that long? Especially during the holidays!

Corningware Baking Dishes

This brand of dishes is somewhat of a tradition that has been passed down from my grandmother to my mom and now to me. Not only are these dishes presentable to serve from (please do me a favor and don’t serve from your cooking pot!) and they are oven, microwave and dishwasher safe! We’ve baked some hardcore casseroles in these and they have cleaned up easily every time. That itself is a reason to buy!

Meat Thermometer

Like my true inner cavelady, I have a deep love of cooking meat.  Until recently, I would tell how done the meat is by outer color/shell and the color of the juices that were secreted. (FYI if the juice is clear the meat is TYPICALLY done) But in an effort to cook safely and deliciously, we bought a meat thermometer similar to the one shown above.  My favorite part? That it tells you the ‘doneness’ of each meat.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite kitchen gadgets? Is there a particular one you would like from Santa?


12/09/2013 12:09

Perfect list! Highly agree on the ones I have (Corningware, meat thermometer, wine savers, and immersion blender) and thus intrigued by the one I don't! Definitely must haves in my kitchen, too :)


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