Some week just feel longer than others. Maybe because I know my next 2 weeks will only have 4 works days? Maybe its the winter weather. Maybe I just need to get over the hump of the week.

I'm a planner. I enjoy planning my week from meals to miles run. And this week is a little bit lighter in the miles department. I need the lightening in the meals department to follow. Truth be told, I have been more unhealthy than usual and maybe getting over the junk food hump will start tomorrow. (Def doesn't help that Valentine's Day is on the horizon!)

There are a few things that I try to work with in order to get over the "this week is really long and my jeans are kinda tight" blues.

  1. Plan my runs and stick to the plan. This week I plan to run Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. I know that I my body (knees) can only handle 3-4 runs a week so I'm sticking to a schedule so I can run Broad Street in May. More on the training plan to come.
  2. Plan my meals and stick to them. I plan my meals every morning. I'm a big lunch packer and so I can control my budget and calories eaten. That doesn't mean I'd quickly toss my sammie for a delicious cup of creamy (calorie laden soup)
3. And when I am stressed, I always will go for a good laugh. Wednesdays usually means Modern Family which is always good for a laugh- or if you're really desperate, go to, click on Always Sunny in Philadelphia and prepare to laugh.
Question of the Day: What helps you get out of the slump and over the hump? 

02/10/2011 06:06

Ahh I'm a big lunch packer for the same reason!Sometimes they post the nutritional info of the soup at work, so depending on what it is, sometimes I'll try it. But I hate not knowing what might be in that soup!! haha I also like to pack tons of snacks for me to much on, instead of just one big meal.

I LOVE it's always sunny!!! haha it ALWAYS makes me laugh :) I'm glad I found your blog! I'll be back for sure!


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