The other day, a dear friend had posted on Facebook a rally cry for friends to provide inspiration for early morning workouts. Before moving in with Corey, I had always been an evening workout kinda gal. With a very early commute (hello 7am train) and an open evening often spent alone, it made sense. The pitfall of course was any enticing invitation for a happy hour drink or need to work late. Quickly my workout became the last priority.

Now that we have been blissfully living in sin for 2 years, I have switched to early morning workouts- sometimes as early as 5 am.  When I share this with friends and colleagues I’m often met with groans and “I don’t know how you do that” comments. But really, the early alarm is all mental my friends. Here’s my list of ways to get moving in the morning:

5 tips for Morning Exercise

1.)   Get to bed! According to studies from Harvard, a chronic lack of sleep (less than 8 hours) can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain and a decrease in your immune system. I always prioritize sleep over a workout and am often getting to bed between 9- 9:30 every night for a 5- 5:30 alarm. If I have a bad night’s sleep or if I have a series of late nights, I push my workouts to later in the week. The potential for injury is not worth it and honestly my workouts are not as effective.

2.)   Find something that excites you- Let’s face it, when the weather turns dark and cold in the winter, even the diehard exercisers struggle with their desire to get out of bed for the gym. For me, I have looked forward to morning workouts if I really love what I am doing. If it feels like a chore, then maybe its not the right workout for you! Lately Crossfit has been striking my fancy and even though late work nights have prevented my 6am attendance, I am itching to get back.

3.)   Get Social- Sometimes it just takes a few encouraging words to give you the boost you need. Tweet, FB, Instagram your intent for a morning workout or the after sweaty pic. It will amaze you the support you will receive in the most surprising places.
4.)   Find a Friend- This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but a friend to hold you accountable goes a long way! I look forward to my 6am WOD crew and you better believe when I go MIA, they’re sending me the encouragement to get back. Lately, I have lost my running mojo until I tried a short run with furbaby Piper. She’s now my motivation to lace up and get out!

5.)   Plan your day accordingly- When I have morning workouts I plan out my day ahead of time. By setting out my workout clothes, picking out my work outfit and planning my lunch, I allow myself the time to exercise without excuses. No more, I have a 9am meeting and couldn’t get ready in time. When you plan ahead, its harder to make excuses.

Are these tips fail-safe? Certainly not, but the trick to any workout, diet, lifestyle regimen is the desire and want to continue and improve. Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to feel good, eat right, sleep well? You are the person in control to make that decision everyday.

Question of the day: What tips can you share about making morning workouts easier?


12/13/2013 12:49

Dare I say it out loud... Sleep in your sports bra and/or gym clothes! When I would teach a 6am spin class this would allow me to literally roll and go!

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