The 10 days since we last caught up have FLOWN by. It's hard to believe in that time I've driven to State College for a weekend, Christmas came and went along with my birthday and the anniversary of APOG! Lets rewind to last weekend.

Pre- Christmas

Twas the weekend before Christmas and all through the house every person was packing. I was headed up to State College for the weekend to see my very dear friends Courtney and Jeff since they had traveled home to PA from sunny San Fran for the holidays.
While there, my younger sister was kind enough to let me stay in her lovely little apartment. Upon arrival, I finally felt the Christmas spirit. It's hard not to along the beautifully decorated streets of Happy Valley.
As I walked to the restaurant to meet my friends, my heart filled with love walking around the streets of my second home. I will always feel a special nostalgia in State College. It's a place full of wonderful memories, and its where I feel whole. That being said, we met for dinner and drinks reminiscing and catching up over events of the last year.  After visiting a very new Phyrst bar (this is the hot spot for 21st birthdays and the new upstairs is not indicative of our memories there), we bought a bottle of wine and headed back to Courtney's home base. Without a bottle opener, we became pretty resourceful.
The next day I toured Central PA in an attempt to visit my friends from college that I rarely get to see. I was off to Altoona to have breakfast with Danielle and her handsome little man. Boy was he excited for Santa!
I love spending time with her and her family even if its only once/twice a year. We have a friendship that is supportive, honest and easy and when I'm with her, I feel totally myself. For me the Christmas Season is all about catching up and spending time with the ones you love.  After  breakfast it was back to State College to attend a Christmas party at the Fatemi home. The house was decked out with stockings and mantel decorations. Christmas brings so much beauty to every home!
Mrs. Fatemi (Courtney's mom) truly outdid herself with the spread of food and drinks. There was cheeses, olives, breads, homemade egg rolls (courtesy of Jeff's mom) cookies and more! There was no way I could stay Paleo with all of the food around me. My stomach hated me later for it, but in the moment it was oh so good!
After a little mingling and a lot of eating, it was off to Harrisburg to pick up my sister at her future in-laws. She and her fiancé had driven home for the holidays. It was so great to see so many old friends and have the chance to hug them and share a coffee or drink together. Seeing old friends like that fills my love tank for the holiday season!

Coming up- Christmas at the Kay house and Being a Birthday Brat!

Question of Day: What do you fill your holiday days with? Playing with gifts? Seeing family and friends? Relaxing?


01/01/2013 18:06

Don't tell Jeff (or my mom!) but seeing you was my favorite Christmas "present" this year :) Come see us before we start the "let's get the hell back to the east coast where we belong" count down!

01/02/2013 05:03

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season :) I LOVE going back to my college town too, I'm sooo nostalgic and it's one of my most favorite places in the world. I feel so happy there!! Glad you got to go back to State College!

09/05/2013 23:33

First time to your blog and just wanted to say hello.


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